REDS Studio Legale Associato has consolidated experience in the field of energy, whether produced from traditional or renewable sources.

The Firm's work includes administrative procedures for the achievement of permits and permissions and the drafting of all types of agreements concerned, including the structuring of financing for projects. 

Acquisitions in the energy sector - we have provided legal assistance to major companies in the energy market for the acquisition of power plants in Italy and abroad, including assistance for all post-acquisition activities.
The Firm also has a significant experience in the drafting of contracts for the purchase or sale of projects in the renewable energy sector and the related due diligence procedures. The Firm also provides legal support in relation to the procedures and criteria necessary to obtain tax relief and incentives for energy generated from renewable sources.

Renewable sources - The Firm has been involved for years in the development of renewable energy projects and in particular photovoltaic plants and wind farms. The Firm follows all of the authorisation procedures, the drafting and negotiation of EPC and O&M contracts, agreements for the acquisition of land use rights for the implementation of the venture, as well as the financing of related projects.

Funding sources - we assist our Clients in identifying the best forms of coverage for their investments such as: 

  • Leasing
  • Project financing
  • Third Party Financing
  • Factoring.
We then cooperate in drafting the information memorandum as well as the financial documentation, including the security package.

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